Operational Project Management

One simply cannot rescue a badly devised and planned project in the process of realization. This is the sorry experience made only all too often by project management teams and corporate management. About 50% of all corporate projects never get anywhere close to their original targets. Or, if they do at all, they do so with great delays.
Discounts on quality and overshooting budgets are the inevitable consequences. 

That is why we at inducad creativ[e] emphasize thorough project planning, encompassing and taking into account all critical success factors. This approach builds on proper planning, respecting all concerned and involved parties in the process. Because the stakeholders are extremely important to the further project course.That is why the inducad creativ[e] approach insists on their continuous involvement throughout the project. The project manager is the key personality in every project. The fortunes of a project depend on him from the beginning to the end. inducad creativ[e] supports customers in and advises on the selection of a suitable manager, and the composition of a project team. We offer companies assistance and support through experienced, certified IPMA project managers and project management staff. We guarantee that our managers and staff do have the expertise and experience to comply with our customers’ project requirements. Thus our secured quality resources help entreprises safeguard their projects’ success.

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